Building a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem

October 2016 There’s relatively constant chatter these days about regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. Cities and regions know they need to be more innovative, need to facilitate startup development and need to provide the infrastructure and tax codes that help new businesses launch, grow and stay. A big part of those regional efforts involve universities and their… Continue reading Building a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem

Revelations From A Congressional Briefing Panel

June 2016 I had the opportunity to participate on a Congressional Briefing Panel regarding the challenges of funding for women and minority tech startups.  Entitled “New Models For Tech Start-Up Funding & Economic Impact”, the Briefing brought together a group of stake-holders to examine and analyze current disparities within tech start-up funding, contributing psycho-social/cultural factors, forecast,… Continue reading Revelations From A Congressional Briefing Panel

New Models For Tech Start-Up Funding

May 2016 I have the opportunity research and reflect on an important topic for a Congressional Briefing Panel focused on new models for tech start-up funding. At task is a discussion on the significant challenges related to female and minority entrepreneurship. To start, here are some recent sobering statistics from CB Insights: Earning the lowest share of investments for… Continue reading New Models For Tech Start-Up Funding