What I Learned About Entrepreneurship by Playing Ms. Pacman

The title of my next book (ok, well the first book is very unfinished and will probably remain that way for a while) is tentatively titled “What I Learned About Entrepreneurship by Playing Ms. Pacman.”

Why this title? Well, I love entrepreneurship and I love playing Ms. Pacman. I even have one in my home and I’m a fairly decent player (I get to play a lot and have been playing a long time.) I got to thinking through all the playing that there are some solid entrepreneurship lessons that come through playing this amazing classic game:

  • Starting from zero
  • Things always speed up
  • Fast pivots are key to success
  • Using tunnels to get more done
  • Timing big dots to your advantage 
  • The types of ghosts you’ll encounter
  • The importance of patience
  • Leveraging random fruit

I have an outline and I hope the book will be both entertaining and educational. Now on to the hardcore writing.

I’ll be sharing more of the book content here in the coming weeks (months) and look forward to sharing the finished product with you.





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