Creator skills

This is the second half of my post about “Creation as Leadership“.  In the first post, I talked about how leadership is rooted in creation…either creating value directly or creating environments in which creation is welcomed and thrives.

So. what skills help you be a creator?  There’s no one way, but here are a few skills I think can help:

  • Being self-aware – the intersection of what you’re good at doing and what you like doing.
  • Being self-driven – wake up every day and write down at least one thing you can be doing to add value somewhere, no matter how seemingly small.
  • Being self-designed – Leverage self-awareness and your drive to purposefully design your life;  Don’t be an easy to find answer in a drop-down form;  don’t apply for a job – create a job!  Create a career, create organizations, create stuff.

My point: Be a creator, not just a consumer.  Create despite the external environment, but don’t be owned by it.  And as you create, others will follow.  You will be a leader.





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