Creation as Leadership

I’ve been developing a speech focused on the theme of “Creation as Leadership”. Recently I tested this speech on a group of “emerging student leaders” at Drexel University and I am sharing the first part of that speech here.

The basic premise is that one way to become a good leader is to focus on being a creator. Be a creator, not just a consumer. Create despite the external environment presented to you. And as you create, others will follow.

But instead of just thinking of creation as starting new entities in the traditional sense, I think there are at least two important types of creation in which anyone can play a significant role:

  • Value creation – An important essence of being human is that you can add value to the world. The value you can create comes in many forms, but the key is turning something else into something else that is better. This type of creation doesn’t necessarily need to be starting something brand new – it could be finding a unique niche where you play a front and center role in creating value for others.
  • Opportunity environment creation: Every good idea, every opportunity, every new inspiration needs a welcoming environment – one you can help create (for yourself or for others). Recognizing potential opportunities – in business, in the community, in your personal life – and creating environments in which they thrive is key to this concept.

The creator becomes a leader. My next post will pick up on some ideas on specific skills that help you be a creator.






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